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Will Ferrell Wiki Biography

Born John William Ferrell on 16 July 1967, in Irvine, California USA, of English, Irish and German ancestry, Will is a comedian, writer, and actor. He is particularly well-known as an impressionist, as well as a voice actor and film producer, so Will has contributed a lot to the film and television industry, thus explaining the size of his net worth.

So just how rich is Will Ferrell?  Sources estimate that Will’s net worth is $80 million, accumulated through his activities in several arms of the entertainment industry, as he is so talented and versatile.

Will Ferrell’s father Ray was a musician with the popular duo The Righteous Brothers, and his mother Betty an elementary school teacher, although they divorced when Will was eight.  Will attended University High School in Irvine, and was a good sportsman, and then the University of Southern California where he studied Sports Broadcasting, but after graduating, an internship at a local TV station convinced him to look for another career.

Will Ferrell had always been the class clown, sometimes inadvertently, so after working in several casual jobs, he auditioned for the comedy group The Groundlings, with whom he was able to refine his stand-up comedy techniques, especially in immitation.The start of Will Ferrell’s popular appeal occurred when he joined the cast of the TV show “Saturday Night Live” in 1995,  subsequently spending seven years on this show, and thus establishing a solid base to his net worth. As for television overall, Will has indeed a long list of shows and series in which he has appeared. Will has performed in “Grace Under Fire” (1995), “Cow and Chicken” (1997), “Strangers with Candy” (2000), “The Guardian” (2003), “The Naked Trucker and T-bones Show” (2007), “Hubworld” (2010), and “Conan” (2012 – 2013). His recent projects on television include “The Spoils of Babylon” (2014) and “Welcome to Sweden” (2014). The already mentioned and many other series have undoubtedly boosted Will Ferrell’s net worth.

Will Ferrell`s debut in film industry was in the 1995 black comedy horror film “Bucket of Blood”, following which Will increased his net worth year by year. He appeared in such movies as “The Thin Pink Line” (1998), “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me” (1999), “Old School” (2003), “Elf” (2003), “Wedding Crashers” (2005), “Blades of Glory” (2007), “Step Brothers” (2008), “The Other Guys” (2010), “Megamind” (2010) and many others.

Many films have grossed Will Fennell well into seven figures, ever increasing his net worth. Will`s  most recent film project is “Get Hard”, due for release in 2015; Ferrell is both an actor and a producer.

Unsuprisingly for an immitator, Will Ferrell is also a voice actor, having ‘voiced’ many animated films and television series, including “King of the Hill”, “LEGO Movie”, and “Family Guy”. This has also been a significant source of money for Will, leading to a luxurious life.

The multi-talented Ferrell made his Broadway debut in a limited run in 2009, playing U.S. President George W. Bush in a one-man show called “You’re Welcome America: A Final Night with George W. Bush”.

Will Ferrell has been married to the Swedish actress Viveca Paulin since 2000, and the couple has three children. Will owns an apartment in Manhattan, and also a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles: the latter even has a botanical garden. As for his cars, Will has a BMW Hydrogen 7, Mercedes E 320 and Nissan Leaf.


IMDB Wikipedia $100 million 185 lbs (83.98 kg) 1967 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) Actor Actors Axel Paulin Ferrell Bewitched Blades of Glory California Cinema of the United States Comedian Entertainment Ferrell Film producer Films Gary Sanchez productions Impressionist Irvine John William “Will” Ferrell John William Ferrell July 16 July 16 1967 Magnus Paulin Ferrell Mattias Paulin Ferrell Megamind Phil Weston Saturday Night Live Screenwriter Singer Step Brothers Television in the United States Television Producer The Other Guys United States United States of America Viveca Paulin Viveca Paulin (m. 2000) Voice Actor Wilf Will Will Ferrell Will Ferrell Net Worth

Will Ferrell Quick Info

Full NameGalen Weston Jr.
Net Worth$100 Million
Date Of BirthJuly 16, 1967
Place Of BirthIrvine, California, United States
Height6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight185 lbs (83.98 kg)
ProfessionActor, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Comedian, Television producer, Impressionist, Voice Actor, Singer
EducationNew College, Oxford, Harvard Business School, Turtle Rock Elementary School, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, University of Southern California, University High School, USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University High School, University of Southern California, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, Turtle Rock Elementary School
NationalityUnited States of America
SpouseViveca Paulin (m. 2000)
ChildrenMattias Paulin Ferrell, Axel Paulin Ferrell, Magnus Paulin Ferrell
ParentsHilary Weston, Galen Weston, Betty Kay Overman, Roy Lee Ferrell
SiblingsAlannah Weston, Patrick Ferrell
NicknamesJohn William Ferrell , Phil Weston , Wilf , Will , John William “Will” Ferrell
AwardsMTV Movie Award for Best Kiss, MTV Comedic Genius Award, Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Comedy, Funniest Male Performer In A Television Special, The British Comedy Academy International Lifetime Achievement Award, MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss,…
Music GroupsThe Black Eyed Peas, Atban Klann, Scream & Shout, #thatPOWER, It’s My Birhday
NominationsMTV Movie Award for Best Fight, MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, MTV Movie Award for Best Jaw Dropping Moment, MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo, Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture,…
MoviesStep Brothers, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Elf, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Get Hard, The Other Guys, Daddy’s Home, Old School, Zoolander, Blades of Glory, The Campaign, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Stranger than Fiction, Semi-Pro, Land of the Lost, Megamind, A Nigh…
TV ShowsEastbound & Down, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Celebrity Jeopardy!, The Oblongs, Hercules, On Our Own, Saturday Night Live, Funny or Die Presents, HypaSpace, The Spoils Before Dying, The Spoils of Babylon, Eastbound & Down, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Celebrity Jeopardy!, HypaSp…

Will Ferrell Trademarks

  1. Towering height and slender frame
  2. Wild curly blonde hair and blue eyes
  3. Often appears either naked or shirtless in his movies
  4. Often plays characters who receive a serious “reality check”

Will Ferrell Quotes

  • [Lorne Michaels] never really has a moment where he says, “So, welcome to the show.” He phrases it, “So, we’re bringing you to New York.” And I thought, God, another audition? And he goes, “Cheri [Oteri]’s going to be there, too.” And that’s when it hit me: Oh, my God. I got the gig. But I didn’t have a celebratory moment with him. Then I got self-conscious, like it came across that I didn’t care about getting the job. So I stood up real quick, and I’m like “Well, gosh, thank you. I just want to shake your hand.” And he said, “Do whatever you have to do.”.
  • I rotate my clothes so everything is equally worn. Sometimes, that means orange shorts and red shoes. My wife is like “Really?”.
  • (2006) I do feel, at heart, that I’m a lazy person who found this thing that I love. Comedy makes me industrious. Without it, I’m just another guy.
  • (on Stranger Than Fiction (2006)) It was so freeing to not run around and act like a crazy person. It was so nice to be conversational and talk like a normal human being. I felt like my job on Stranger Than Fiction was to play really good defense. Don’t throw the ball out of bounds. If you’re open, take the shot but, otherwise, don’t get too fancy.
  • (2006, on living with his mother for three years after college) I had no ego about that. It’s kind of sad.
  • (2006) I was never the class clown. I was popular in high school and in college. I was good at sports. I’ve always been a ‘but look, the glass is half-full’ kind of guy. I used to worry that I wasn’t crazy enough to succeed in comedy. Or troubled enough. In the beginning, people were surprised that a seemingly mild-mannered person could bring a script or a character to life. But I’m not above throwing a chair out a window just to see what happens. I may not have demons, but I am kind of immune to inhibitions.
  • [on running in the Boston Marathon] I actually had people running up next to me with beer bongs and offering me shots. All of this crazy stuff. And no, I didn’t take any of it.
  • [on George W. Bush] I had a couple of opportunities to go and meet him, and I declined, partly out of comedic purposes, because when I was on the show [Saturday Night Live (1975)] at the time, it didn’t make sense to really meet the people that you play, for fear of them influencing you. And then the other side of it is, from a political standpoint, I don’t want to meet that guy.
  • [on his role as a basketball player in Semi-Pro (2008)] I love the fact that this is historically accurate and funny all at the same time. You can parody the sport and you can parody the era, but at the same time you have a built-in arc for the audience as they watch this team try to attain the lofty goal of fourth place.
  • I always forced myself to do crazy things in public. In college I would push an overhead projector across campus with my pants just low enough to show my butt.
  • I’d much rather be in a comedy. In my view, comedy wins out in the long run. I’m not sure I’m a good enough actor to play real tragedy, so I bring a comic element to most things as my answer to the world’s problems. I’m not a clown, though. I love goofing around, but I don’t feel the need to act the clown in private – I do it at work, that’s where I exorcise my demons. Although I confess that I do sometimes put together outfits to annoy my wife.
  • I’ve got no dark secrets, I wasn’t beaten up, my parents were kind to me and there was a low crime rate where we lived. Maybe that’s where the comedy comes from, as some sort of reaction to the safe, boring suburbs. Although, I gotta say, I never had any resentment of the place. I loved the suburbs.
  • It doesn’t really exist, this Frat Pack. We run into each other on occasions and we all like each other’s films, I guess, but there isn’t some big funny restaurant or bar where we all hang out. At least, if there is, they haven’t invited me. I wasn’t in You, Me and Dupree (2006), Luke Wilson’s last movie, and none of them was in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) with me and, actually, nobody gives a shit.
  • I saw a news story recently that said I’m 6′ 4″. I’m creeping up, like in the high school football programs where you give yourself 15 more pounds. In three years I want to be 6′ 5″ in stories. And I’m gonna do the opposite of these kids like LeBron James who are coming out of high school and going into the NBA. I’m gonna be the first 36-year-old white guy who tries to make it in the NBA.
  • It was a gradual rise that started on SNL. I went from being the guy who did the cheer-leading thing, to the guy who plays the president to, “Hey, that’s Will Ferrell!” I saw that happen then in terms of films, and it was really Old School (2003) that got me a real lead part. It was a scary thing when I left SNL (in 2003), but then “Old School” came out, and then Elf (2003) happened the same year, and now Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006).
  • [on being a comic]: I attribute it to growing up in safe, boring suburbia in California. I wasn’t beaten up by anyone, there was a really low crime rate. There was really nothing to do except think of funny things.
  • There’s just something about yelling that’s funny to me.
  • I often don’t think a lot about the ramifications of anything I do.
  • I’m not really an exhibitionist. I’m drawn to the outrageous stuff because it’s fun, not because it’s some deep compulsion. I’m no tortured, anger-stoked, deeply neurotic comic. Just a pretty low-key normal guy. A, “Hey, the glass is half-full”, kind of a guy. But please keep it quiet, or I may never work again.

Will Ferrell Important Facts

  • $20,000,000
  • $20,000,000
  • $20,000,000
  • $20,000,000
  • $20,000,000
  • $7,000,000
  • Endorsed Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election of the United States.
  • Turned down $28 million dollars to be in Elf 2 in late 2013.
  • Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6767 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on March 26, 2015.
  • On February 13, 2013, while working security during a Lakers game at the Staples Center, Will Ferrell escorted a good-natured Shaquille O’Neal away from his courtside seat. The name on Ferrell’s official red jacket read “Ted Vagina”.
  • On October 24, 2011, he was the 14th recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at the Kennedy Center. Previous recipients include: Tina Fey, Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Billy Crystal, Neil Simon, Steve Martin, Lorne Michaels, Lily Tomlin, Bob Newhart, Whoopi Goldberg, Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters and Richard Pryor.
  • Has appeared on the cover of GQ magazine three times: July 2004, July 2006 and December 2006.
  • Does not do stand-up comedy like most of the Saturday Night Live (1975) cast and alumni. He considers it to be “hard, lonely and vicious”.
  • Former member of the comedy troupe The Groundlings.
  • Third son, Axel Ferrell, was born on January 23, 2010 in Los Angeles.
  • Met his wife, Viveca Paulin, in an acting class in 1994.
  • Was roommates with Jon Stewart during his early years on Saturday Night Live (1975).
  • Nominated for the 2009 Tony Award for Special Theatrical Event “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W Bush”.
  • He was the first and last guest on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (2009).
  • Is a huge fan of the soccer clubs Celtic (from Glasgow) and Chelsea (From London). Can be seen wearing the jerseys from the clubs at events on television.
  • Has a brief cameo in Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) as a man chasing a lawnmower down a flight of stairs during a parody of The Untouchables (1987).
  • Worked as a teller at Wells Fargo when he was in high school.
  • Has been attacked by animals in several of his films. He is attacked by grizzly bears (while filming giant pandas) in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), a cougar in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006), a grizzly bear in Semi-Pro (2008), etc…
  • Has played the son of two The Godfather (1972) cast members: James Caan in Elf (2003), and Robert Duvall in Kicking & Screaming (2005).
  • His first son was born during the filming Kicking & Screaming (2005), which is why it is his favorite of the films he appeared in. He said that he is eager for his son to see it, because he will always associate it with his birth.
  • In January 2008, he spent two weeks traveling throughout Ireland with his father, Lee, and brother Patrick.
  • According to Forbes magazine, his movies averaged $8 of gross income for every dollar the actor got paid. [December 2007]
  • Ranked #17 on EW’s The 50 Smartest People in Hollywood (2007).
  • Is only seven years younger than Jane Lynch who plays his mother in Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006).
  • Every summer, Will and his wife celebrate mid-summer in Sweden, a typical Swedish tradition.
  • Has a surgical scar on his upper right abdomen from a surgery he had as a baby to treat pyloric stenosis, a condition that causes frequent vomiting.
  • Was named #74 out of 137 on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List (2004).
  • Was chosen over future co-star Steve Carell in 1995 to join Saturday Night Live (1975).
  • A kicker for the Varsity football team, and still holds the school record for the most field goals made.
  • Aside from University High School where he graduated, he also attended Rancho San Joaquin Middle School Irvine.
  • Parents are Lee Ferrell and Kay Overman.
  • Has three dogs.
  • Has three sons — Magnus, Mattias and Axel. Mattias was born on December 30, 2006.
  • He has English, with smaller amounts of Irish, German, and Welsh, ancestry.
  • Ranked #34 on Premiere magazine’s 2006 “Power 50” list. Had ranked #38 in 2005.
  • Is a member of an adult soccer league that plays at Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences – an exclusive private school in Santa Monica, California.
  • Once said that one of his favourite films is Patton (1970).
  • Ranked #38 on Premiere magazine’s 2005 Power 50 List. Had ranked #51 in 2004.
  • In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), he played Marshal Willenholly, a reference to Marshall, Will, and Holly from the television series Land of the Lost (1974). Ferrell played Marshall in the movie adaptation of Land of the Lost (2009).
  • Ranked #51 in Premiere magazine’s 2004 Power 100 List. It is his first appearance on the list.
  • Is a member of what the media refers to as “The Frat Pack”, along with Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell, Owen Wilson and Luke Wilson. The “Frat Pack” name is a reference to the film Old School (2003) featuring Vince Vaughn, Ferrell and Luke Wilson, due to the wide number of films featuring the seven actors. Ferrell’s “Frat Pack” films include Zoolander (2001), Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), Starsky & Hutch (2004) and Wedding Crashers (2005).
  • His style is unique among modern movie funnymen, a majority of whom have some sort of background in stand-up comedy. Ferrell’s humor is character-driven and his genius lies in his improvised riffs from the minds of his typically cracked characters. His appearances on talk shows are often awkward, as he is uncomfortable appearing in public as himself.
  • Has played NWA-TNA announcer Don West on Saturday Night Live (1975).
  • Was voted the 3rd funniest person in America by Entertainment Weekly.
  • Son, Magnus Paulin Ferrell, born on March 7, 2004. He weighed 8 lbs. 12 oz.
  • Was not a class clown in high school but a scholar and an athlete.
  • Studied at USC in the hopes of becoming a sports broadcaster. He graduated and interned at NBC Sports, but then drew laughs after ad-libbing a joke on-air during one of his broadcasting courses and switched to comedy.
  • Is a member of the Delta Tau Delta international fraternity.
  • He and his wife Viveca Paulin ran in the New York City Marathon in 2001, finishing together in 5 hours, 1 minute and 56 seconds.
  • He and his wife Viveca Paulin ran the Boston Marathon on April 21, 2003.
  • (April 21, 2003) Competed at the Boston Marathon. His official time was 4 hours, 2 minutes and 29 seconds.
  • He can be heard (uncredited) in the movie Kingpin (1996) in the background during the final bowling scene between Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson’s characters shouting, “Ernie, you’re the man!”.
  • Final appearance on Saturday Night Live (1975) on May 18, 2002, followed by career move into full-time movie-acting.
  • Became Saturday Night Live (1975)’s highest paid cast member ever in 2001. Producers were desperate to keep him, resulting in a salary of over $350,000.
  • His wife, Viveca Paulin, is Swedish.
  • Older brother of Patrick Ferrell.
  • Celebrity impersonations include Alex Trebek, Jesse Ventura, Charlton Heston, Mark McGwire, George W. Bush, Janet Reno, Harry Caray and (perhaps most famously) James Lipton.
  • Attended and graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Sports Information.
  • His father, Lee Ferrell, was a longtime keyboardist and saxophonist for The Righteous Brothers.
  • Attended and graduated from University High School in Irvine, California in 1986.
  • While he was in high school, Will made the daily morning announcements over the public access system in disguised voices. This is how he first became interested in performing.
  • Lives in Los Angeles, Bend, Oregon and New York City.

Will Ferrell Filmography

The House2017post-productionScottActor
Daddy’s Home 2announcedBrad WhitakerActor
Holmes and WatsonannouncedActor
Jimmy Kimmel Live!2016TV SeriesHarry CarayActor
The Jim Gaffigan Show2016TV SeriesWill FerrellActor
Zoolander 22016Jacobim MugatuActor
Saturday Night Live1995-2015TV SeriesVarious
George W. Bush
Craig Buchanan
Daddy’s Home2015Brad WhitakerActor
The Last Man on Earth2015TV SeriesGordonActor
Drunk History2015TV SeriesRoald DahlActor
The Spoils Before Dying2015TV Mini-SeriesEric Jonrosh
J. Edgar Hoover
A Deadly Adoption2015TV MovieRobert BensonActor
Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber2015TV MovieRon BurgundyActor
Get Hard2015JamesActor
Welcome to Sweden2014TV SeriesWill FerrellActor
The Spoils of Babylon2014TV SeriesEric Jonrosh / Shah of IranActor
The Lego Movie2014Lord Business (voice)
President Business (voice)
The Man Upstairs
CMT Artists of the Year2013TV MovieRon BurgundyActor
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues2013Ron BurgundyActor
Conan2012-2013TV SeriesRon BurgundyActor
The Internship2013Matress Salesman (uncredited)Actor
30 Rock2010-2012TV SeriesShane HunterActor
The Campaign2012Cam BradyActor
Eastbound & Down2009-2012TV SeriesAshley SchaefferActor
Casa de mi Padre2012ArmandoActor
Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie2012Damien WeebsActor
The Office2011TV SeriesDeangelo VickersActor
Megamind: The Button of Doom2011Video shortMegamind (voice)Actor
Funny or Die Presents…2010-2011TV SeriesWill (segment “John and Will’s Animal Choices”) / Grant MeasumActor
Fight for Your Right Revisited2011ShortAd-Rock (B-Boys 2)Actor
Papanatos2011TV SeriesActor
Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy2010ShortDavid BowieActor
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The Other Guys2010writer: “Pimps Don’t Cry”Soundtrack
The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien2010TV Series performer – 1 episodeSoundtrack
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues2013characters / written byWriter
hunt9100TV Series screenplay – 1 episode, 2012 story – 1 episode, 2012Writer
Dear Woman2011Short uncreditedWriter
Papanatos2011TV Series 1 episodeWriter
Pimps Don’t Cry2010Video shortWriter
Funny or Die Presents…2010TV Series creator – 1 episodeWriter
Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America – A Final Night with George W Bush2009TV Special written byWriter
Bat Fight with Will Ferrell2009Video shortWriter
Green Team2008Video shortWriter
Step Brothers2008screenplay / storyWriter
It’s the Ass ‘n Balls Show!2008Video shortWriter
The Landlord2007/IShortWriter
Good Cop, Baby Cop2007Video shortWriter
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby2006written byWriter
Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie2004Video written byWriter
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Cheri Oteri2004TV Special documentary uncreditedWriter
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy2004written byWriter
A Night at the Roxbury1998written byWriter
The Foot Fist Way2006presenterMiscellaneous
Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie2016TV Movie special thanksThanks
The 8-Bit Cup2014Documentary short thanksThanks
Funny or Die Presents…2010TV Series special thanks – 1 episodeThanks
Hostage: A Love Story2009Short very special thanksThanks
HBO First Look2008TV Series documentary special thanks – 1 episodeThanks
MTV Video Music Awards 20012001TV SpecialHimselfSelf
2001 MTV Movie Awards2001TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Rosie O’Donnell Show1998-2001TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The 15th Annual American Comedy Awards2001HimselfSelf
The Andy Dick Show2001TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Comedy Central Canned Ham2001TV SeriesHimself – ‘Marshall Willenholly’ / HimselfSelf
Reelmadness2000TV MovieHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash 20002000TV SpecialHimself (Various Characters)Self
VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards2000TV Special documentaryHimselfSelf
Tom Green: Road Kill1999Video documentaryHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live 251999TV Special documentaryHimself / Marty CulpSelf
Tom Green: Endangered Feces1999VideoHimselfSelf
The Tom Green Show1999TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The Bad Boys of Saturday Night Live1998TV Special documentarySteve ButabiSelf
Are-Oh-Vee1988TV SeriesHimself – HostSelf
@midnight2014-2016TV SeriesPresident Bush / Chad SoftwickSelf
AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to John Williams2016TV MovieHimselfSelf
Drake Sather: The Man Who Created Zoolander2016Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
The Zoolander Legacy2016Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
Zoolander 2 World Tour2016Video shortHimselfSelf
Zoolander No. 2: Go Big or Go Rome2016Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
2016 MTV Movie Awards2016TV SpecialHimself – NomineeSelf
Made in Hollywood2010-2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Rencontres de cinéma2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Late Night with Seth Meyers2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon2014-2016TV SeriesHimself / Himself – Silent Office Visitor / Stacy WallaceSelf
WGN Morning News2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Extra2014-2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Film ’722006-2016TV SeriesHimself / Himself – IntervieweeSelf
Circus Halligalli2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Today2005-2016TV SeriesHimself / Himself – GuestSelf
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee2016TV SeriesHimselfSelf
El hormiguero2010-2016TV SeriesHimself / Himself – GuestSelf
73rd Golden Globe Awards2016TV SpecialHimself – Presenter: Screenplay-Motion PictureSelf
The Graham Norton Show2013-2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year2015TV MovieHimselfSelf
Weekend Ticket2015TV Series shortHimselfSelf
The Daily Show1998-2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Good Morning America2005-2015TV SeriesHimself / Himself – GuestSelf
Live with Kelly and Michael2003-2015TV SeriesHimself / Himself – Guest / Himself – HostSelf
ESPN First Take2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
His & Hers2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Entertainment Tonight2006-2015TV SeriesHimself / Himself – Get HardSelf
The Insider2014-2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris2015TV SeriesHimself – CameoSelf
Ferrell Takes the Field2015TV Movie documentaryHimselfSelf
The Chris Gethard Show2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Red Nose Day2015TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Late Show with David Letterman1999-2015TV SeriesHimself / Himself – Guest / Various / …Self
Live from New York!2015DocumentaryHimself – FeaturingSelf
Follow Me2015TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Conan2011-2015TV SeriesHimself / Himself – GuestSelf
The Late Late Show with James Corden2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Off Camera with Sam Jones2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart’s Failed Audition Tapes2015ShortHimselfSelf
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Hit the Streets at SXSW2015ShortHimselfSelf
Mike & Mike2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live: 40th Anniversary Special2015TV SpecialHimself
Alex Trebek
Marty Culp
Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Red Carpet Special2015TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Chris Gethard Show: Public Access2015TV SeriesHimselfSelf
WWE Tribute to the Troops2014TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Stand Up to Cancer2014TV SpecialHimselfSelf
2014 MTV Movie Awards2014TV SpecialHimself – NomineeSelf
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Behind-the-Scenes2014Video shortHimselfSelf
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Behind-the-Scenes: Newsroom2014Video shortHimselfSelf
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year2013TV MovieHimselfSelf
Charlie Rose2003-2013TV SeriesHimself – Guest / HimselfSelf
Up Close with Carrie Keagan2007-2013TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Jimmy Kimmel Live!2006-2013TV SeriesHimself / Himself – Guest / Himself (segment “Mean Tweets”)Self
The Screen Junkies Show2013TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Big Morning Buzz Live2013TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Larry King Now2013TV SeriesHimself – GuestSelf
The Jonathan Ross Show2013TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live2003-2013TV SeriesHimself / Himself – Host / Various / …Self
SportsCenter2013TV SeriesRon BurgundySelf
MTV Europe Music Awards 20132013TV SpecialRon BurgundySelf
The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards2013TV SpecialHimself – Presenter: Outstanding Comedy Series & Drama SeriesSelf
America’s Book of Secrets2013TV SeriesHimselfSelf
2013 MTV Movie Awards2013TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Office: The Farewells2013TV Series documentarySelf
Inside Comedy2013TV SeriesHimselfSelf
70th Golden Globe Awards2013TV SpecialHimself – Presenter: Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or ComedySelf
Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner2012-2013TV SeriesHimselfSelf
60 Minutes2012TV Series documentaryHimself – Comedian (segment “Judd Apatow”)Self
Love You, Mean It with Whitney Cummings2012TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The American Cinematheque Tribute to Ben Stiller2012TV MovieHimselfSelf
Chelsea Lately2011-2012TV SeriesHimself – Guest / HimselfSelf
2012 Do Something Awards2012TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Hollywood Fast Lane2012TV SeriesHimself – IntervieweeSelf
The Project2012TV SeriesHimselfSelf
CINEMAsuisse: Marc Forster2012ShortHimselfSelf
La Realizacion de Casa de mi Padre (Making of Casa de mi Padre)2012Documentary shortHimselfSelf
Will Ferrell & Zach Galifianakis Debate Children2012ShortHimselfSelf
Guys Choice Awards 20122012TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Soccer Aid2012TV Mini-SeriesHimselfSelf
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon2009-2012TV SeriesHimselfSelf
CBS This Morning2012TV SeriesHimself – GuestSelf
Sidewalks Entertainment2012TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Attack of the Show!2012TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The 84th Annual Academy Awards2012TV SpecialHimself – Presenter: Best Original SongSelf
Will Ferrell: Mark Twain Prize2011TV MovieHimself – HonoreeSelf
The One Show2010-2011TV SeriesHimself – GuestSelf
24/7 Blake Griffin: Intern2011ShortHimselfSelf
The Love We Make2011TV Movie documentaryHimselfSelf
2011 MTV Video Music Awards2011TV SpecialFuture Ad-RockSelf
2011 Do Something! Awards2011TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Dear Woman2011ShortHimselfSelf
Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis2011TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Lopez Tonight2011TV SeriesHimself – GuestSelf
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson2008-2011TV SeriesHimself / Himself – GuestSelf
The 2011 Comedy Awards2011TV SpecialHimselfSelf
What’s Going On? with Mike Mitchell2011TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live Backstage2011TV Special documentaryHimselfSelf
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year2011/ITV MovieHimselfSelf
Le grand journal de Canal+2010TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Cinema 32010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Días de cine2010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
You’ve Got…2010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
IMDb’s 20th Anniversary Star of the Day2010TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Ask Rhod Gilbert2010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
WWE Raw2010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Big Brother2010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Reel Comedy2003-2010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Frost on Satire2010TV Movie documentaryHimself / George W. BushSelf
A Night of 140 Tweets: A Celebrity Tweet-A-Thon for Haiti2010VideoHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live in the 2000s: Time and Again2010TV Special documentaryHimselfSelf
The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien2009-2010TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The Movie Loft2009TV SeriesHimselfSelf
This Is Not a Routine Expedition: Making of ‘Land of the Lost’2009VideoHimselfSelf
Protect Insurance Companies PSA2009Video shortHimselfSelf
ESPN Road Trip2009TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day 20092009TV MovieHimselfSelf
Séries express2009TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The 63rd Annual Tony Awards2009TV SpecialHimself – Presenter: Best Original Score & Nominee: Best Special Theatrical EventSelf
Deep Inside2009TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Man vs. Wild2009TV SeriesHimselfSelf
2009 MTV Movie Awards2009TV SpecialHimselfSelf
HBO First Look2007-2009TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Rove Live2003-2009TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The 7th Annual TV Land Awards2009TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 20092009TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Will Ferrell: You’re Welcome America – A Final Night with George W Bush2009TV SpecialGeorge W. BushSelf
Bat Fight with Will Ferrell2009Video shortHimselfSelf
Make ‘Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America2009TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
A Night for Vets: An MTV Concert for the Brave2008TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Merrick & Rosso Show2008TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Gomorron2008TV SeriesHimselfSelf
High-Five Hollywood!2008Video shortHimselfSelf
The Footy Show2008TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Xposé2008TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1998-2008TV SeriesHimselfSelf
2008 MTV Movie Awards2008TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education2008TV MovieHimselfSelf
Getaway2008TV SeriesHimself – Celebrity travellerSelf
Weekend Sunrise2008TV SeriesHimselfSelf
It’s the Ass ‘n Balls Show!2008Video shortHimselfSelf
Rome Is Burning2008TV SeriesHimself – CorrespondentSelf
Last Call with Carson Daly2004-2008TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Late Night with Conan O’Brien1997-2008TV SeriesHimself / HecklerSelf
Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway2008TV SeriesHimself – Guest AnnouncerSelf
Celebrities on Thin Ice2007Video documentary shortHimself / Chazz Michael MichaelsSelf
Cooler Than Ice: The Super-Sexy Costumes of Skating2007Video documentary shortHimself / Chazz Michael MichaelsSelf
Hector: Portrait of a Psychofan2007Video documentary shortHimself / Chazz Michael MichaelsSelf
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards ’072007TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Making of ‘Blades of Glory’2007Video documentary shortHimself / Chazz Michael MichaelsSelf
Guys Choice2007TV MovieHimself – Most Viral Video Award and Funniest M.F. Award WinnerSelf
2007 Taurus World Stunt Awards2007TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live in the ’90s: Pop Culture Nation2007TV Special documentaryHimself / VariousSelf
Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show2005-2007TV SeriesHimselfSelf
My Shot With2007TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The 79th Annual Academy Awards2007TV SpecialHimself – Co-Presenter: Best MakeupSelf
The 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards2007TV SpecialHimself – Nominee: Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or ComedySelf
Famous2007TV SeriesHimselfSelf
HypaSpace2006TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Event for Autism Education2006TV SpecialHimself / Robert GouletSelf
The Megan Mullally Show2006TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross2006TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Movie Rush2006TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Larry King Live2006TV SeriesHimselfSelf
14th Annual ESPY Awards2006TV SpecialHimselfSelf
2006 MTV Movie Awards2006TV SpecialHimself / Ricky BobbySelf
The Oprah Winfrey Show2005-2006TV SeriesHimself – Guest / HimselfSelf
The 78th Annual Academy Awards2006TV SpecialHimself – Co-Presenter: Best MakeupSelf
The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards2006TV Movie documentaryHimself – Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion PictureSelf
The ESPY Awards: ESPY Nomination Special2006TV SpecialRicky BobbySelf
10 Most Excellent Things: The Producers2005TV MovieHimselfSelf
Dateline NBC2005TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Earth to America2005TV MovieHimselfSelf
Kicking & Screaming: Behind the Net – The Making of ‘Kicking & Screaming’2005Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
Kicking & Screaming: From Rome to Hollywood2005Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
Kicking & Screaming: Soccer Camp2005Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
The View2005TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards ’052005TV Movie documentaryHimselfSelf
Coming Attractions2003-2005TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The Barbara Walters Summer Special2005TV SeriesHimselfSelf
The 62nd Annual Golden Globe Awards2005TV Special documentaryHimself – Presenter: Best Actress in a Motion Picture [Musical or Comedy]Self
Bewitched: Star Shots2005Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
Casting a Spell: Making ‘Bewitched’2005Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Commercial Parodies2005TV MovieHimself / Various CharactersSelf
Why I Love ‘Bewitched’2005Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
How They Made the North Pole2004Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
Tag Along with Will Ferrell2004Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn1999-2004TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Total Request Live2003-2004TV SeriesHimself / Ron BurgundySelf
McEnroe2004TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Cinemax Special: Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy2004TV Movie documentaryRon BurgundySelf
The 76th Annual Academy Awards2004TV SpecialHimself – Presenter: Best Original SongSelf
Film School for Kids2004Video documentary shortHimselfSelf
Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party2004DocumentaryHimselfSelf
The Commies2003TV Special documentaryHimselfSelf
U-Pick Live2003TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Dinner for Five2003TV SeriesHimself – Special GuestSelf
The Sharon Osbourne Show2003TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Late Night with Conan O’Brien: 10th Anniversary Special2003TV SpecialHimselfSelf
MTV Video Music Awards 20032003TV SpecialThe Architect
‘Old School’ Orientation2003Video shortHimselfSelf
Inside the Actors Studio Spoof2003Video shortHimself / James LiptonSelf
2003 MTV Movie Awards2003TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Panel2003TV SeriesHimselfSelf
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards ’032003TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Panic Room with Will Ferrell2002TV ShortHimselfSelf
NBC 75th Anniversary Special2002TV SpecialHimselfSelf
Biography2002TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Saturday Night Live: TV Tales2002TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The Concert for New York City2001TV Special documentaryHimselfSelf
Ben Stiller Uncensored2001TV Movie documentaryHimselfSelf
Jeopardy!2016TV SeriesRon BurgundyArchive Footage
The Drunken Peasants2014-2016TV SeriesRon BurgundyArchive Footage
Entertainment Tonight2015-2016TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
3rd Indie Fest of YouTube Videos 20152015TV MovieSteve ButabiArchive Footage
Inside Edition2015TV Series documentaryHimself / Ron BurgundyArchive Footage
Extra2015TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
Mike & Mike2012-2015TV SeriesHimself / Ron BurgundyArchive Footage
An SNL Valentine2015TV SpecialRoger Clarvin / VariousArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Christmas Special2014TV SpecialMark Jensen
Robert Goulet
Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Thanksgiving Special2014TV SpecialCornelius Blake / VariousArchive Footage
The Graham Norton Show2014TV SeriesHimself – GuestArchive Footage
SNL Shorts2014TV MovieVarious (uncredited)Archive Footage
The LEGO Movie Videogame2014Video GameLord BusinessArchive Footage
SNL Sports Spectacular2014TV MovieVarious (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Best of This Season2014TV SpecialHimself (uncredited)Archive Footage
iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 20132013TV MovieRon BurgundyArchive Footage
Chelsea Lately2013TV SeriesRon Burgundy in ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ / HimselfArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Thanksgiving2013TV SpecialMr. Blake / Various (uncredited)Archive Footage
Gruen Planet2012-2013TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
The O’Reilly Factor2013TV SeriesRon Burgundy (segment “Watters’ World”)Archive Footage
Welcome to the Basement2013TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
Attack of the Show!2012-2013TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
Made in Hollywood2012TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
The Jonathan Ross Show2011TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
Death and Taxes2011ShortPolicemanArchive Footage
Catching Hell2011DocumentaryHimselfArchive Footage
That Fellow in the Coat2010TV SeriesMegamindArchive Footage
The Women of SNL2010TV MovieTed Nettters
Craig Buchanan
Alex Trebek
Archive Footage
Breakfast2010TV SeriesHimself – ActorArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell – Volume 32010VideoGeorge W. Bush / Various RolesArchive Footage
Funny or Die Presents…2010TV SeriesAbraham LincolnArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live Presents: Sports All-Stars2010TV SpecialVarious (uncredited)Archive Footage
SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas2009TV MovieVarious (uncredited)Archive Footage
Rove Live2009TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Just Shorts2009TV SpecialThe German Intellectual (uncredited)Archive Footage
Rome Is Burning2009TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live Sports Extra ’092009TV SpecialVarious (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live Presidential Bash ’082008TV SpecialGeorge W. BushArchive Footage
Maquillando entre monstruos2007TV Movie documentaryHimselfArchive Footage
2007 NFL Draft2007TV SpecialChuck BarryArchive Footage
Ricky Bobby: Sports Century2006Video shortRicky BobbyArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Jon Lovitz2005TV SpecialDonut Commercial Director (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of David Spade2005TV SpecialHimself (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Alec Baldwin2005TV Special documentaryVarious Characters (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Jimmy Fallon2005TV SpecialVarious Characters (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Presidential Bash 20042004TV MovieGovernor George W. Bush (uncredited)Archive Footage
101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments2004TV MovieHimselfArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Christopher Walken2004TV SpecialHimself / Various (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Tracy Morgan2004Video documentaryCafe Manager (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell – Volume 22004Video documentaryHimselfArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Cheri Oteri2004TV Special documentaryVarious Characters (uncredited)Archive Footage
Reel Comedy2004TV SeriesRon BurgundyArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Kattan2003TV SpecialVarious Characters (uncredited)Archive Footage
Coming Attractions2003TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live Christmas 20022002TV SpecialVarious (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell2002TV Special documentaryHimself / Various CharactersArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Mother’s Day Special2001TV SpecialHimself (Various Characters)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Molly Shannon2001Video shortVarious Characters (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live Primetime Extra 22001TV ShortGeorge W. Bush
Alex Trebek
Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live Primetime Extra 12001TV ShortGeorge W. Bush
Marty Culp
Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Game Show Parodies2000TV SpecialAlex Trebek / Various Characters (uncredited)Archive Footage
SNL: 25 Years of Music1999TV MovieVarious (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: Best of the Clinton Scandal1999TV SpecialHimself / Various CharactersArchive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Mike Myers1998Video documentaryHimself (uncredited)Archive Footage
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman1998TV Special documentaryTroy (uncredited)Archive Footage

Will Ferrell Awards

2016Blimp AwardKids’ Choice Awards, USAFavorite Movie ActorDaddy’s Home (2015)Won
2015BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting AwardBehind the Voice Actors AwardsBest Vocal Ensemble in a Feature FilmThe Lego Movie (2014)Won
2015Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn March 24, 2015. At 6767 Hollywood Blvd.Won
2014American Comedy AwardAmerican Comedy Awards, USABest Comedy Actor – FilmAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)Won
2013Comedic Genius AwardMTV Movie AwardsWon
2007MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest KissTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)Won
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: ComedyTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)Won
2006Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Screen CoupleBewitched (2005)Won
2001American Comedy AwardAmerican Comedy Awards, USAFunniest Male Performer in a TV Special (Leading or Supporting) Network, Cable or SyndicationSaturday Night Live: Presidential Bash 2000 (2000)Won
2016Blimp AwardKids’ Choice Awards, USAFavorite Movie ActorDaddy’s Home (2015)Nominated
2015BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting AwardBehind the Voice Actors AwardsBest Vocal Ensemble in a Feature FilmThe Lego Movie (2014)Nominated
2015Star on the Walk of FameWalk of FameMotion PictureOn March 24, 2015. At 6767 Hollywood Blvd.Nominated
2014American Comedy AwardAmerican Comedy Awards, USABest Comedy Actor – FilmAnchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)Nominated
2013Comedic Genius AwardMTV Movie AwardsNominated
2007MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest KissTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)Nominated
2007Teen Choice AwardTeen Choice AwardsChoice Movie Actor: ComedyTalladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)Nominated
2006Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Screen CoupleBewitched (2005)Nominated
2001American Comedy AwardAmerican Comedy Awards, USAFunniest Male Performer in a TV Special (Leading or Supporting) Network, Cable or SyndicationSaturday Night Live: Presidential Bash 2000 (2000)Nominated