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Owen Wilson’s net worth is $40 Million. Also know about Owen Wilson bio, salary, height, age weight, relationship, and more …

Owen Wilson Wiki Biography

  • Owen Cunningham Wilson has $40 million in net worth. 
  • Most of us know him as a comedian, but that goes way beyond Owen’s talents. 
  • Owen was born in Dallas, Texas, on November 18, 1968, and has two brothers, Andrew Wilson and Luke Wilson, who are both involved in acting. 
  • By becoming a screenwriter, author, actor, and even lending his voice to animations, Owen was focusing on his net worth. 
  • Wilson’s career began with an idea that came to him and his friend and mentor, Wes Anderson, when he was studying at the University of Austin. 
  • Together, they created their first “Bottle Rocket” (1995) film, which was recognized at the right time by the right people, and obtained the funding to see daylight in cinemas. 
  • After that, Owen took part in movies such as Zoolander, Behind Enemy Lines, Crashers’ wedding, Shanghai Noon, where he played with Jackie Chan, Anaconda, You, Me & Dupree, and The Royal Tenenbaums. 
  • Owen was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay for this last film. 
  • Marley & Me, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian and Midnight in Paris, produced by Woody Allen, are the more recent roles of Wilson and this is one of the finest works that Owen has done and it’s not even a comedy. 
  • Owen is one of the founding members of the Frat Pack, a Hollywood comedy club consisting of Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Paul Rudd, and Luke Wilson. 
  • The net value of Owens is rising steadily since his price for each film is increasing since the year 2000. 
  • This gives him the ability to own luxurious luxury cars such as Porsche, Toyota Prius, and Chevrolet Blazer, or to have homes in Malibu and Hawaii, and to fly on a private jet from one to another. 
  • But not all of the net worth of Owen Wilson is spent on a wealthy lifestyle, helping those in need and investing himself in charities such as the Chandler Sky Foundation, BID 2 BEAT AIDS and actively supporting solar energy and green causes. 
  • Owen enjoys sports, so no wonder he supports teams such as Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, or Texas Rangers from his home town. 
  • As for football, his favorite team is Chelsea, so if he wants to see a live match, it’s quite a ride. 
  • Unfortunately, during his time of depression, the huge net worth of Owen Wilson did not support him, and he attempted suicide in 2007. 
  • His public and professional life was largely affected, he had fewer roles, he did not come to the film promotions that he was all ready to do. 
  • But gladly this dark time should be over, he did one of the best roles at Midnight in Paris in 2011 and it was reported that a baby boy was planned by Owen Wilson and his girlfriend Jade Duel. 
  • This news should really make his life a lot better and give him a reason to want to live and invest his net worth of $40 million. 
  • “IMDB Wikipedia “Bastards” (2016) “Christmas in L.A.” (2013) “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” (2006) $40 million 1968 5 ft 10 in (1.79 m) Academy Awards Actor Actors American Film Directors Andrew Wilson BAFTA Award Ben Stiller Blockbuster Entertainment Award United States Bottle Rocket Cinema Dallas Film Producer Finn Lindqvist Wilson Frat Pack Golden Globe Awards Irish American Jackie Chan Chan 

Owen Wilson Quick Info

Full NameOwen Wilson
Net Worth$40 Million
Date Of BirthNovember 18, 1968
Place Of BirthDallas, Texas, United States
Height5 ft 10 in (1.79 m)
Weight165 pounds
ProfessionActor, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Voice Actor
EducationNew Mexico Military Institute, University of Texas at Austin
NationalityUnited States of America
ChildrenRobert Ford Wilson, Finn Lindqvist Wilson
ParentsLaura Wilson, Robert Andrew Wilson
SiblingsLuke Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Jade Wilson
NicknamesOwen Cunningham Wilson , Owen C. Wilson , O
AwardsMTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (2004), MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Duo (2005), People’s Choice Award for Favorite On-Screen Match-Up (2005), “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” (2006), “Christmas in L.A.” (2013)
NominationsOscar of Best Screenplay, Golden Globe Awards, Blockbuster Entertainment Award, BAFTA Award, Academy Awards, Satellite Awards
Movies“No Escape” (2015), “Zoolander” (2001), “Zoolander 2” (2016), “Midnight in Paris” (2011), “Bastards” (2016), “Wedding Crashers” (2005)
TV Shows“Bottle Rocket” (1995), “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” (2006), “Christmas in L.A.” (2013)

Owen Wilson Trademarks

  1. Says “wow” at least once in almost every movie.
  2. Frequently cast by Wes Anderson
  3. Often plays extremely mellow and friendly characters
  4. Often works with Ben Stiller and his brother Luke Wilson
  5. Soft mellow voice
  6. His mop of blonde hair
  7. His nose

Owen Wilson Quotes

  • [on being cast in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)] Sometimes you work on a movie and you’re not quite sure. You sense some anxiety in the director, that they’re not sure exactly what they want. But with Wes [Anderson] you know he’s definitely steering the ship and doing exactly what he thinks is best for the movie.
  • [on filming Midnight in Paris (2011)]: I really didn’t know, to be honest, whether it was working. This fantastical element when I go on my walks at midnight into this other world. I had my doubts because a lot of the people that I meet are iconic people from history. Who’s going to play them? How’s that going to work? But then I see the movie and it works. It’s one of the best things in the movie. It was great.
  • I’ve started to notice that, as you get older, mental health is as fragile as physical health. I’ve never had a breakdown, but you can really get sideswiped by stuff like depression. I’m an up-and-down person. That’s one thing that girlfriends would complain about. I’m inconsistent, not romantic enough.
  • The image – being from Texas, the slacker, surfer thing – you don’t think of that and see a worrier, an angst-ridden person, I know that. Also, I’m reasonably polite and that puts people at their ease, so they think you are too.
  • I don’t like caring what other people think, but I do. There’s a freedom when you meet someone who doesn’t care, who is just themselves in all situations. I had the way I was with my friends, and then my personality with adults, and that’s continued a little bit. To just be yourself, and not try to sell anything, or make a good impression, that’s something worth striving towards.
  • I don’t feel like I’m a hundred times happier. Can’t we petition someone to make it so that outside stuff is the key to happiness? I’m tired of people always saying, ‘It’s gotta come from you!’ Can’t it come from, like, a new pair of shoes?
  • I think of myself as a doom person. I’m a worrier. But I like the idea of being an optimist. Maybe I’m the kind of optimist who deep down knows it’s not going to work.
  • It’s that middle brother syndrome. The older child has a very clear identity, and the baby gets a lot of attention. The middle brother is a little bit in no-man’s land. That might give you a little bit of sensitivity, a feeling that you’re not clearly on the winning team, you know?
  • It was maybe easier for my dad to be around Luke. They had more of a connection. Luke looked like my mother and of course, Andrew was the oldest. My dad and I would butt heads.
  • (Before meeting with James L. Brooks about Bottle Rocket (1996)) Luke and I had a punching fight. I had scratch marks down my face. I had to get on the plane. It’s really emotional fighting your brother. We were crying a little bit on the flight. We went to the meeting. It was such a heavy vibe from us, they didn’t even ask us what had happened to our faces.
  • There’s that great quote from Beckett, I think, ‘He had an abiding sense of melancholy that sustained him through brief periods of joy.’ I like that, because I’m definitely an up-and-down person.
  • I think there is a middle-child syndrome. I don’t know quite what it is, but I think I suffer from it.
  • (On what he enjoys most about being an actor) “I was reading some Bob Dylan interview where he said, ‘It beats nine-to-five. It beat it yesterday, it beats it today, and it will beat it tomorrow.’ That’s how I feel. I just thank God that I’m able to make a living doing something that I can have a good time doing, and be creative.”
  • “The director made that decision not to use my butt…I don’t know how to interpret that.” – on having a body double for a scene in You, Me and Dupree (2006).
  • “The studio said Bottle Rocket (1996) was their worst-testing movie in history, so I looked into the marines. Maybe I was influenced by An Officer and a Gentleman (1982). Or those marine commercials – they were so cool! Like a Led Zeppelin song come to life, full of people pulling swords from rocks and fighting lava monsters!”.
  • I thought that I’d be married by the time I was 30 and be starting a family, but it just hasn’t worked out that way. I think that there’s something about being in Hollywood. I don’t know if I’m shallow, but you want to make sure that you make the right choice because you know that it’s forever and I didn’t realize that I have such a strong scientific side that demands that I experiment with and compare women. 2005.
  • To me, being cool is just the opposite of living. It’s about not getting too worked up about anything, by being ‘Nyah, nyah, nyah,’ and no big deal. I can’t stand that. It’s such a jaded, clichéd posture to take. I get real enthusiastic about stuff. It’s what I think is life-affirming.
  • Actually, to be honest, a shotgun wedding might be the way to go for me. You can’t stay at the party forever. At some point, you have to take stock and ask yourself, ‘What am I doing here?’
  • I’m not going to play a guy with MS or a guy in a wheelchair. I can play a dramatic character, certainly, but I’m not the real chameleon-type actor who, you know, changes his voice and everything.
  • At about the same age as I was interested in petrified wood, I was just fascinated with this dumb idea that we only used 10 percent of our brains. I was always thinking, Man, if I could only use 20…
  • A buddy movie has to have that beat where one buddy doesn’t show up. They hit the same beats as romantic comedies.
  • Not Shakespeare. In college I took a Shakespeare class because I was an English major, and they had a Summer program called Shakespeare at Winedale, which is out in the German Hill country in Texas , where you go out and live for two months and then you perform three plays at the end of that time. And people from Austin drive out and see it. I was supposed to be one of the two gentlemen of Verona . And I got out there and I just could not stand being out there. There were also so many lines to memorize that it was just overwhelming for me. So I ended up going home and I got an F.
  • I can’t think of a movie I wish I’d acted in, but there are movies I wish I’d written.
  • “Ben, for example, is kind of a moody guy, and you kind of have to put on the kid gloves because you never know which Ben is going to show up on set” – on Ben Stiller.
  • Yes, sometimes people get irritated, starting with my brother Luke in BR. He would get pissed at me, like, ‘Why don’t you just say the lines that you wrote?'” – on whether or not his improvisational skills bother fellow actors.
  • Acting is more fun than writing. Writing is harder, more like having a term paper.
  • We spent so much time together that I can remember us being in our teens and our dad saying we should try to find some other friends because he thought we were our own lowest common denominator when we got together. – on his brothers.
  • [Talking about his relationship with Sheryl Crow and his relationships with women in general]: “Going out with someone who’s doing the same thing as you, who’s in the public eye, can be a problem… You want a break when you come home. You don’t want someone with the same issues as you maybe reminding you of stuff you don’t like in yourself. That being said, I don’t think being in the spotlight had anything to do with me and Sheryl not working out. The story of our relationship is the same story I’ve had with most of my relationships. I was lucky enough to find a great girl and, because of my lack of… focus, the relationship went south”.
  • “I guess a lot of me in the sense is like Dignan, that’s my sense of humor. The stuff that Dignan is doing is what I would do. When we test-screened the movie I realized that not everybody laughed where I did. I realized there’s not a big audience for my type of humor. Dignan doesn’t have self-awareness. Donald Trump has none either. When I read “The Art of the Deal” I laughed at that because neither of them realize how funny they are” – about his character Dignan in Bottle Rocket (1996).
  • You can think of Hollywood as high school. TV actors are freshmen, comedy actors are maybe juniors, and dramatic actors – they’re the cool seniors.
  • “Sometimes I stop and think how strange this all is. Something that began as a little idea in Austin, that Wes and I just walked around talking about between ourselves, has turned into all this.” – on how his career has turned out.
  • “The walk off was the most uncomfortable scene for me to shoot, cos I literally have never danced in public or really even in private. I’m not a musical person and we had to dance like Michael Jackson and we had to do breakdancing…” – about the walk off scene in Zoolander (2001).
  • “Being in a bathtub with Jackie Chan, I don’t know, it has a way of bonding you I’ll tell you that. I don’t know if there are some weird undertones. It was like we had met in Los Angeles and we didn’t have that much to say to each other but, after that bathtub scene, we were great friends. What it really was was that when we’d play off each other, it really was fun. We really did become friends”. – on the bathtub scene in Shanghai Noon (2000).
  • “It’s funny how it usually works out that I end up dying. It sort of works out, because by the time I die, I’m usually tired of working on that particular movie, so I look forward to it.” – about how a lot of his characters end up dying.

Owen Wilson Important Facts

  • $8,000,000
  • $2,500,000
  • $8,000,000
  • $15,000,000
  • $8,000,000
  • $1,000,000
  • $10,000,000
  • $10,000,000
  • $3,000,000
  • $2,000,000
  • $4,000,000
  • To date, has appeared in 5 film franchises. 5 that garnered sequels (Shanghai Knights (2003), Meet the Fockers (2004), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009), Cars 2 (2011) & the recently announced Zoolander 2 (2016)) & 2 that became trilogies (Little Fockers (2010) and Night at the Museum 3 (2014)).
  • He is left-handed.
  • Became a father for the 2nd time at age 45 when his personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist gave birth to their son on January 30, 2014.
  • Is expecting a child with his personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist. Lindqvist revealed that the two of them are not in a relationship, but they are just close friends who decided to have a baby together. Lindqvist filed for divorce from her estranged husband, when she found out she was pregnant with Wilson’s child. [October 2013]
  • Filming Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009) in Vancouver, Canada. [September 2008]
  • Currently dubbing his voice in Disney’s Pixar Animation film Cars (2006). [May 2005]
  • He visited Argentina for two days. [November 2004]
  • Currently filming Danny Roane: First Time Director (2005) in Los Angeles, California, USA [August 2005]
  • Filming Marley & Me (2008) in Philadelphia, PA. [May 2008]
  • Suffers from and has sought treatment for Depression.
  • He planned on joining the Marine Corps if Bottle Rocket (1996) had not been successful.
  • Vacationed for a week with Stephen Dorff in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. [November 2012]
  • Although often associated with Texas, where he was born and grew up, both of his parents were Irish-American Massachusetts natives who moved to Texas due to his father’s work.
  • Along with his co-stars Jenna Fischer, Christina Applegate and Alyssa Milano, Wilson is one of four actors from the film Hall Pass (2011) to become a first-time parent the same year the film was released.
  • Was in a relationship with Federal Air Marshall Jade Duell (December 2009-June 2011).
  • Became a father for the 1st time at age 42 when his girlfriend Jade Duell gave birth to their son Robert Ford Wilson on January 14, 2011.
  • Owen, Andrew and Luke’s father was the first to bring Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969) to American TV where he managed KERA, a PBS station, in Dallas, TX.
  • Was taken to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, CA after a reported suicide attempt (26 August 2007).
  • Was romantically linked to Demi Moore and Sheryl Crow.
  • Born to Robert Andrew Wilson, an advertising executive and operator of KERA, a public TV station in Dallas, and his wife Laura Cunningham, a photographer.
  • Never wanted to be an actor, but writing is his passion.
  • Has been in a relationship with Kate Hudson twice. They originally began a relationship in August 2006, having met on the set of You, Me and Dupree (2006), but they broke up in May 2007. They reconciled in March 2008, only to separate a second time in May 2008.
  • Fan of Chelsea FC (England soccer club).
  • Attended his senior year in high school at the New Mexico Military Institute, instead of a normal academic school.
  • Has an Australian cattle dog named Garcia.
  • Was the best man at the wedding of his brother, Andrew Wilson.
  • Is of Irish descent.
  • First “Frat Pack” member to receive an Academy Award nomination.
  • When appearing on Australian talk show, Rove Live (2000), he became the 1001st guest on the show. He was appearing with Isla Fisher. Fisher walked out first and therefore became the 1000th. Wilson received a meat tray.
  • Father was a PBS exec.
  • Majored in English.
  • He and his brother Luke Wilson were originally meant to play the Malloy brothers in Ocean’s Eleven (2001), but dropped out to make The Royal Tenenbaums (2001).
  • Has been in 12 movies with Ben Stiller, up to this date. They are The Cable Guy (1996), Permanent Midnight (1998), Heat Vision and Jack (1999), Meet the Parents (2000), Zoolander (2001), The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), Starsky & Hutch (2004), Meet the Fockers (2004), Night at the Museum (2006), Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009), Little Fockers (2010), and Night at the Museum 3 (2014).
  • Is a member of, what the media refers to as, “The Frat Pack,” along with Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Steve Carell, and Luke Wilson. The “Frat Pack” name is a reference to the film, Old School (2003), featuring Vaughn, Ferrell and Luke Wilson, due to the wide number of films featuring the seven actors. Wilson’s “Frat Pack” films include Zoolander (2001),Wedding Crashers (2005), The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), The Cable Guy (1996), and Starsky & Hutch (2004).
  • Usually declines to discuss the source of his distinctive-looking nose, which was broken twice. The broken nose was apparently the result of a football injury attained while on the football team in high school (all three Wilson brothers had played high school football, the elder Andrew with the greatest success).
  • He is known for his improvisational abilities, which he mostly contributes to films other than the more personal ones he does with Wes Anderson. Many of the funniest lines in his movies are his improvisations.
  • Despite being grateful of his success as an actor, he still considers himself a writer at heart and wishes he devoted more time to that rather than acting. Due to a busy schedule as an actor, he sadly had to miss contributing to the script for Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), despite that he co-wrote Anderson’s 3 previous films.
  • Cut his chin and had to get stitches during the making of The Haunting (1999) in the scene where his character Luke is attacking the portrait of Hugh Crane with a candlestick.
  • Neighbor of Anthony Begonia and middle brother of Luke Wilson and Andrew Wilson.

Owen Wilson Filmography

Cars 32017filmingLightning McQueen (voice)Actor
Wonder2017post-productionNate PullmanActor
Shanghai DawnannouncedRoy O’BannonActor
Zoolander: Super Model2016TV MovieHansel (2016)Actor
Saturday Night Live2016TV SeriesHanselActor
Zoolander 22016HanselActor
No Escape2015/IJack DwyerActor
Zoolander Returns to the Runway2015ShortHansel (uncredited)Actor
Night at the Museum 32014JedediahActor
Inherent Vice2014Coy HarlingenActor
The Hero of Color City2014Ricky the Dragon (voice)Actor
She’s Funny That Way2014Arnold AlbertsonActor
The Grand Budapest Hotel2014M. ChuckActor
The Killers Ft. Dawes: Christmas in L.A.2013Video shortStruggling ActorActor
Free Birds2013Reggie (voice)Actor
Are You Here2013Steve DallasActor
Drunk History2013TV SeriesJohn Harvey KelloggActor
The Internship2013Nick CampbellActor
Kinect Fun Labs: Kinect Rush – A Disney Pixar Adventures: Snapshot2012Video GameLightning McQueen (English version, voice)Actor
The Big Year2011Kenny BostickActor
Cars 22011Lightning McQueen (voice)Actor
Midnight in Paris2011GilActor
Hall Pass2011RickActor
Little Fockers2010Kevin RawleyActor
How Do You Know2010MattyActor
Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales2010VideoLightning McQueen (voice)Actor
Marmaduke2010Marmaduke (voice)Actor
Community2010TV SeriesOther Study Group’s LeaderActor
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009Coach Skip (voice)Actor
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian2009JedediahActor
Marley & Me2008JohnActor
Drillbit Taylor2008Drillbit TaylorActor
The Darjeeling Limited2007FrancisActor
Night at the Museum2006Jedediah (uncredited)Actor
Mater and the Ghostlight2006Video shortLightning McQueen (voice)Actor
You, Me and Dupree2006DupreeActor
Cars2006Video GameLightning McQueen (voice)Actor
Cars2006Lightning McQueen (voice)Actor
Wedding Crashers2005John BeckwithActor
The Wendell Baker Story2005Neil KingActor
Meet the Fockers2004Kevin RawleyActor
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou2004Ned PlimptonActor
Around the World in 80 Days2004Wilbur WrightActor
Starsky & Hutch2004Ken HutchinsonActor
The Big Bounce2004Jack RyanActor
Shanghai Knights2003Roy O’BannonActor
I Spy2002AlexActor
Behind Enemy Lines2001Lt. Chris BurnettActor
The Royal Tenenbaums2001Eli CashActor
King of the Hill2001TV SeriesRhett Van Der GraafActor
Meet the Parents2000Kevin RawleyActor
Shanghai Noon2000Roy O’BannonActor
Heat Vision and Jack1999TV ShortVoice Of Heat Vision / Doug (voice)Actor
The Haunting1999Luke SandersonActor
Breakfast of Champions1999Monte RapidActor
The Minus Man1999VannActor
Permanent Midnight1998NickyActor
Anaconda1997Gary DixonActor
The Cable Guy1996Robin’s DateActor
Bottle Rocket1996Dignan (as Owen C. Wilson)Actor
Bottle Rocket1994ShortDignanActor
Becoming Icizzle2009Video documentary producerProducer
You, Me and Dupree2006producerProducer
The Royal Tenenbaums2001executive producerProducer
Rushmore1998executive producerProducer
As Good as It Gets1997associate producerProducer
The Royal Tenenbaums2001written byWriter
Rushmore1998written byWriter
Bottle Rocket1996written by – as Owen C. WilsonWriter
Bottle Rocket1994Short screenplayWriter
The Wendell Baker Story2005performer: “Waterfalls”Soundtrack
Starsky & Hutch2004performer: “Don’t Give Up On Us”Soundtrack
*star2012Short very special thanksThanks
The Night of the White Pants2006thanksThanks
This Is an Adventure2005Video documentary special thanksThanks
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno1996-2013TV SeriesHimself / Himself – GuestSelf
Formula 1: BBC Sport2012TV SeriesHimself (segment: F1 Forum)Self
The American Cinematheque Tribute to Ben Stiller2012TV MovieHimselfSelf
Woody Allen: A Documentary2012DocumentaryHimselfSelf
The 84th Annual Academy Awards2012TV SpecialHimself – Co-Presenter: Best Original ScoreSelf
18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards2012TV SpecialHimselfSelf
The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards2012TV SpecialHimself – Nominee: Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy or MusicalSelf
17th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards2012TV SpecialHimselfSelf
American Masters2011TV Series documentaryHimselfSelf
Na Nai’a: Legend of the Dolphins2011DocumentarySelf
Cinema 32011TV SeriesHimselfSelf
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Behind the Scenes: Behind Enemy Lines2002Video documentary shortHimself – ‘Burnett’Self
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2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards2000TV Special documentaryHimselfSelf
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Owen Wilson Awards

2015COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Won
2015GFCA AwardGeorgia Film Critics Association (GFCA)Best EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Won
2015Robert Altman AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsInherent Vice (2014)Won
2014DFCS AwardDetroit Film Critic Society, USBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Won
2014FFCC AwardFlorida Film Critics Circle AwardsBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Won
2014SEFCA AwardSoutheastern Film Critics Association AwardsBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Won
2013CinemaCon AwardCinemaCon, USAComedy Duo of the YearWon
2011International Star of the Year AwardDubai International Film FestivalWon
2006MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest On-Screen TeamWedding Crashers (2005)Won
2006People’s Choice AwardPeople’s Choice Awards, USAFavorite On-Screen Match-UpWedding Crashers (2005)Won
2005German Independence Honorary AwardOldenburg Film FestivalWon
2004MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest KissStarsky & Hutch (2004)Won
1999Lone Star Film & Television AwardLone Star Film & Television AwardsBest ScreenplayRushmore (1998)Won
1996Special AwardLone Star Film & Television AwardsDebut of the YearBottle Rocket (1996)Won
2015COFCA AwardCentral Ohio Film Critics AssociationBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Nominated
2015GFCA AwardGeorgia Film Critics Association (GFCA)Best EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Nominated
2015Robert Altman AwardIndependent Spirit AwardsInherent Vice (2014)Nominated
2014DFCS AwardDetroit Film Critic Society, USBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Nominated
2014FFCC AwardFlorida Film Critics Circle AwardsBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Nominated
2014SEFCA AwardSoutheastern Film Critics Association AwardsBest EnsembleThe Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)Nominated
2013CinemaCon AwardCinemaCon, USAComedy Duo of the YearNominated
2011International Star of the Year AwardDubai International Film FestivalNominated
2006MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest On-Screen TeamWedding Crashers (2005)Nominated
2006People’s Choice AwardPeople’s Choice Awards, USAFavorite On-Screen Match-UpWedding Crashers (2005)Nominated
2005German Independence Honorary AwardOldenburg Film FestivalNominated
2004MTV Movie AwardMTV Movie AwardsBest KissStarsky & Hutch (2004)Nominated
1999Lone Star Film & Television AwardLone Star Film & Television AwardsBest ScreenplayRushmore (1998)Nominated
1996Special AwardLone Star Film & Television AwardsDebut of the YearBottle Rocket (1996)Nominated