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Makonnen Sheran Wiki Biography

Makonnen Sheran was born on 12 April 1989 in Los Angeles, California USA, into a family of Belizean ancestry and mixed heritage, being black, white and Asian. Under his stage name, iLoveMakonnen, he has released songs such as ‘’Tuesday’’ – also remixed by the prominent singer, Drake – which ultimately brought Makonnen fame and recognition. So just how rich is iLoveMakonnen as of late 2017? According to authoritative sources, this rapper has net worth of $2 million, with his wealth being accumulated from his career in the mentioned field.

Despite being born in Los Angeles, iLoveMakonnen moved to Atlanta, Georgia, when he was 13 years old. Makonnen’s mother had a prominent career in the beauty industry, but his grandmother was an opera singer, and he was influenced and expressed an interest towards music. He began by posting songs on MySpace, which at that time was one of the biggest social networks, and his career was still in progress when he met artists such as Adele and Soulja Boy. Unfortunately, he spent some time under house arrest as he accidentally shot one of his friends.

After that period passed, iLoveMakonnen enrolled into a cosmetology school, following the footsteps of his mother, who spent three decades working in that business. In 2012, he met Mike Will Made It, and worked with him for a while, however, as Mike was extremely busy during that time, they went their separate ways without making a notable collaboration at that time, however, two years later Mike and Makonnen teamed up, drawing the attention of Metro Boomin, a music producer, who liked Makonnen’s music so much that he suggested that they stay in touch. Having made six songs with Makonnen, Mike brought him to Sonny Digital and 808 Mafia, two producers who were impressed by his music, and which produced the song entitled ‘’Don’t Sell Molly No More’’, beginning his rise to stardom, and of his net worth.

In the following period, Makonnen met many notable producers and musicians, and in 2014 released his debut, self-titled EP, featuring seven songs such as ‘’I Don’t Sell Molly No More’’ and ‘’Club Goin’ Up on a Tuesday’’, with the majority of songs written by Makonnen himself. The EP was originally released for free downloads, however, after achieving considerable success, it was re-released in the late 2014, but a delay in release and Sheran being signed to OVO Sound, owned by Drake, eventually resulted in the two of them being in bad relations. Besides that, he spoke harshly of the business stating ‘’There’s not even any money here anymore. It’s all lies. The money’s gone and everybody is now keeping up this front as if there’s money there’’. Subsequently Sheran left OVO Sound, to retire from creating music and focus on acting. However, he released a song shortly after that event and during the same year, he modeled for ‘’WANGSQUAD’’, the project of the fashion designer, Alexander Wang.

Speaking about Makonnen’s private life, he came out as gay in 2017, using his Twitter account, on which he has more than 139,000 followers, whereas he’s followed by 307,000 people on his Instagram account.

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Makonnen Sheran Quick Info

Net Worth $2 Million
Date Of Birth April 12, 1989
Place Of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Height 1.75 m
Profession Rapper, Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Nationality American