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Gina L. Gershon is a film, television and stage actress as well as a singer and author, born on 10th of June 1962 in Los Angeles, California USA. She is best known for her roles in popular films such as “Cocktail”(1988), “Showgirls”(1995), “Face/Off”(1997), “P.S. I Love You”(2007), “Killer Joe”(2011) and “House of Versace”(2013).

Have you ever wondered how rich Gina Gershon is? According to sources it has been estimated that Gina Gershon’s overall net worth is over $4 million, acquired by her appearances in numerous film and TV productions since the early eighties. Her stage, literary and musical engagements have all added to her net worth.

Gina was raised in a Jewish family in San Fernando Valley, the youngest child of the Gershon family. She attended Collier Street Elementary School and Woodland Hills Academy before going to Beverly Hills High School. Upon matriculation she moved to Boston to attend Emerson College, but then transferred to New York University from where she graduated from with a BFA in drama and psychology/philosophy in 1983. While in New York, she went to the Circle in the Square Professional Theater School, where she worked with David Mamet, Harold Guskin and Sandra Seacat who had a great influence on her. She appeared on Broadway in the revivals of “Cabaret” and “Bye Bye Birdie” at the Roundabout Theatre Company. These were a good start to her net worth.

In 1984, she appeared alongside Andy Warhol in The Cars’ video “Hello Again”. However her breakthrough as a film actress came two years later, when she appeared in “Pretty in Pink”, a performance which led to more significant roles in “Sweet Revenge” and “Cocktail” in which she played alongside Tom Cruise. In 1991 she appeared with Elisabeth Shue in the urban drama “City of Hope”. Concurrently working in television, Gina had a recurring role in “Melrose Place”, and received accolades for her portrayal of Nancy Sinatra in the biopic “Sinatra”. She also appeared in the neo-noir crime thriller film “Bound” in 1996 and then co-starred with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in “Face-Off” the following year.

Following her roles in movies such as “Bound”, “Prey for Rock&Roll” and “Showgirls” in which she portrays lesbians or bisexuals, Gina is regarded as a gay icon. However, Gershon has had recurring roles in a variety of TV series – “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Rescue Me” and “Ugly Betty” – and in 2011 she was a part of the main cast in HBO series “How to Make It in America”. Two years later she received praise from fashion critic Cathy Horyn for her portrayal of Donatella Versace in “House of Versace” (2013). All contributed to her net worth.

Apart from her lucrative acting career, Gershon is also devoted to music and writing. She collaborated with musicians such as Scissor Sissters, Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock and Lenny Kravitz before releasing her own album “In Search of Cleo” in 2007, which added to her net worth.

Gina and her brother Dan are authors of the children’s book “Camp Creepy Time”, and her first book for adults “In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind” was released in October 2012, also contributing to her wealth.

When it comes to her personal life, Gina stated in an interview with Larry King that she is in a relationship with Robert “Bobby” Dekeyser. “Maxim” magazine, ranked her no.23 on their “Hot 100 Women of 2004” list, a significant and popular recognition.

IMDB Wikipedia “Cocktail”(1988) “Face/Off”(1997) “House of Versace” (2013) “House of Versace”(2013) “How to Make It in America” (2011) “Killer Joe”(2011) “P.S. I Love You”(2007) “Showgirls”(1995) $4 Million 1.68 m 1962 1962-6-10 2011 4000000 5′ 6¼” (1.68 m) Actress American Andy Warhol Author Beverly Hills High School Bound (1996) California Camp Creepy Time: The Adventures of Einstein P. Fleet (2007 co-author Dann Gershon) Curb Your Enthusiasm Dann Gershon David Mamet Elisabeth Shue Emerson College Face/Off (1997) Gemini Gina Gershon Net Worth Gina L. Gershon Herbie Hancock In Search of Cleo: How I Found My Pussy and Lost My Mind (2012) John Travolta June 10 Larry King Lenny Kravitz Los Angeles Mickey Gershon MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (1996) New York University Nicolas Cage P.S. I Love You (2007) Paul Simon producer Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress (1995) Rescue Me Robert Dekeyser Saturn Award for Best Actress (1996 Singer Soundtrack Square Professional Theater School Stan Gershon Television Producer The Insider (1999) Tisch School of the Arts Tom Cruise Tracy Gershon U.S. Ugly Betty Voice Actor

Gina L. Gershon Quick Info

Full NameGina Gershon
Net Worth$4 Million
Date Of BirthJune 10, 1962
Place Of BirthLos Angeles, California, U.S.
Height1.68 m
ProfessionActress, Television producer, Author, Singer
EducationSquare Professional Theater School, New York University, Emerson College, Beverly Hills High School, Tisch School of the Arts,
SpouseRobert Dekeyser
ChildrenMadison Ford, Thomas Ford
ParentsStan Gershon, Mickey Gershon
SiblingsTracy Gershon, Dann Gershon
PartnerRobert Dekeyser
NominationsSaturn Award for Best Actress (1996, 2011), MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss (1996), Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress (1995)
Movies“Cocktail”(1988), “Showgirls”(1995), “Bound” (1996), “Face/Off”(1997), “P.S. I Love You”(2007), “Killer Joe”(2011), “House of Versace”(2013)
TV Shows“Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Rescue Me”, “Ugly Betty”, “How to Make It in America” (2011), “House of Versace” (2013)

Gina L. Gershon Quotes

  • [on studying – and in particular, doing dream work – with Sandra Seacat, from 1998 interview in Cigar Aficionado] Sandra totally changed my acting. Instinctively, I was always in love with psychology and my dream life had always been very important to me. Ever since I was 15 years old I had been writing down my dreams. What’s really exciting to me about Sandra’s work is that it changes your life, almost on a psychic level. Now I’ll get parts and in working on them, she’ll say, ‘Well, let’s see how you’re developing, as a human being.’ Because the parts you’re doing, it’s no accident. Those parts affect your life and they kind of illustrate the map that your life is following. When I’m working on a certain project, before I go to bed I actually ask questions. So you dictate what kind of dream you’re going to have. You say, ‘I need to find out this.’ There’s a whole ritual about how to go about it. And then Sandra will work on it with you. Then, in classes with her, you’ll actually cast them and act them out, which is unbelievable. You almost change the molecules in your body by doing that. It’s really powerful. The first couple of times I did that, I actually got physically sick the rest of the week. It was super-powerful… I’ve worked with Sandra for many years now and she’s been a huge influence on my life. She was in the [Actors] Studio with Brando and those guys [sic], and everyone said that as an actress she was incredible. But I think her true calling in life was to become a teacher.
  • I kinda wish I could be a lesbian. So many girls come up to me all the time, I keep thinking, “God, I should be a lesbian.” But unfortunately, I’m straight.
  • Showgirls (1995) was a great lesson in power. People would come up to me – like smarmy guys usually saying, ‘So, you’re doing Showgirls,’ and they’d kind of look me over. And I would look them dead in the eye and go, ‘Yeah. I run around naked in it and I kiss beautiful girls – it’s great.’ And they would visibly shrink away because I didn’t back down. They were trying to have control over me, but as long as you’re proud of what you’re doing, and say so, people can’t fuck with you, they’ll respect you for your choices. If you act embarrassed, then you know you shouldn’t be doing whatever it is.
  • I’m just nervous and anxious all the time – I drink too much coffee. But you know, everything can be solved with a bottle; the bottle is a universal cure-all – and not just a booze bottle, any bottle. You break up with your boyfriend, you get a bottle of peroxide. You get sad, you have a drink. Need to sleep? Get a bottle of pills. Baby needs to be calmed down? Give it a bottle. There are genies in bottles.
  • Actresses are nightmares. I don’t hang out with any of them. That’s a problem with my profession. I try not to be like an actress.
  • A lot of my friends are struggling musicians. Being a struggling actor, it’s just frustrating because you’re not allowed to do what you want to do
  • Being the control freak that I am, I want to know everything beforehand. At this point I’m just going along for the ride.
  • All my roles are different parts of my personality. Hannah is the caretaker part of me, the psychologist in Prague Duet (1998) … is the part of me that’s always analyzing, Guinevere’s Billie is the artistic side.
  • All I wanted to do was play “Conrad Birdie”; I really wanted to be like the Elvis Presley guy, and they ended up giving me the lead, “Rosie”.
  • [on Showgirls (1995)] “I decided to make my part campy because I initially thought that it was going to be really dark and really intense and then it just turned out to be completely different. So instead of going in that direction, I decided to make it so that drag queens would want to dress as my character on Halloween”.

Gina L. Gershon Important Facts

  • On Broadway in the revival of Boeing Boeing as the Italian bombshell ‘air hostess’. [June 2008]
  • Guest-starring on The Practice (1997). [April 2004]
  • Release of the book, “Camp Creepy Time: The Adventures of Einstein P. Fleet” by Gina and her older brother, Dann Gershon. [2007]
  • Went to the same school as All My Children (1970)’s Jamie Luner.
  • Her favorite movies that she’s been in are Bound (1996) and The Player (1992).
  • Cousin of Alan Elliott.
  • Niece of Jack Elliott.
  • The look of Electra Ovilo, a character from Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (2001) is based on her.
  • Her last name was misspelled as “Gersohn” on her birth certificate.
  • She graduated Beverly Hills High School in 1980. While there, she starred in a production of “The Music Man”.
  • Attended Beverly Hills High School; the same school as Angelina Jolie, Michael Klesic, Nicolas Cage, Lenny Kravitz, David Schwimmer, Jonathan Silverman, Rhonda Fleming, Jackie Cooper, Rob Reiner, Bahar Soomekh, Antonio Sabato Jr., Pauly Shore, Michael Tolkin, Betty White, Corbin Bernsen, Elizabeth Daily, Albert Brooks, and Crispin Glover.
  • Co-wrote songs with Linda Perry for Prey for Rock & Roll (2003).
  • Recently said that she would love to run Playboy Magazine. She had offered to do a pictoral for them, but was disappointed with how Playboy wanted her to pose and withdrew her offer. When asked what she’d like to see done differently, she said that the magazine should return to a “hip 70s style”.
  • Younger sister of Dann Gershon and Tracy Gershon, who is a judge on Nashville Star (2003) on the USA Network.
  • Actress Helen Slater is one of her friends; she helped her found The Naked Angels. Another friend was Jenifer Estess.
  • Recently sang with ex-Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum at the Sundance Festival (Jan 21st 2003).
  • Appeared in the 1984 video for Hello Again by The Cars.
  • Before transferring to NYU, she attended Emerson College in Boston, alma mater of Henry Winkler and Jay Leno.
  • Played Lenny Kravitz’s girlfriend in his video for “Again”. [2001]
  • Attended high school with Lenny Kravitz.
  • She is the youngest of 3 children.
  • When she was a little girl, she almost drowned looking for starfish on the beach.
  • She is a founding member of the New York based theatre group, Naked Angels.
  • BFA in Drama – New York University, Tisch School of the Arts (1983)
  • Was a California Valley Girl, moved to New York and tried to change her image.
  • Declined to recreate the Sharon Stone leg crossing scene for director Paul Verhoeven in the movie Showgirls (1995).

Gina L. Gershon Filmography

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Rocked with Gina Gershon2004TV Series documentary producer – 3 episodesProducer
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Fameless2015TV SeriesHerselfSelf
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Gina L. Gershon Awards

2012TFCA AwardToronto Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActressKiller Joe (2011)Won
2012TFCA AwardToronto Film Critics Association AwardsBest Supporting ActressKiller Joe (2011)Nominated