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Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou was born on the 25th June, 1963, in East Finchley, London, England, of part- Greek Cypriot (father) descent, and was a singer, musician, songwriter as well as record producer who was known worldwide under his stage name George Michael. The singer rose to fame in the 1980’s as half of the singing duo Wham! with Andrew Ridgeley, and then became popular as a solo artist. Over his career he sold more than 100 million albums as well as winning a number of awards, including four Ivor Novello, four MTV Video Music, three Brit, three American Music and two Grammy Awards among many others. George Michael accumulated his net worth being active in the music industry from 1981 – he passed away in December 2016.

How rich was this legendary singer? Authoritative sources estimate that his net worth stood at over $200 million, however, post-death calculations may vary this sum. Also, he earned $97 million from his “25” live tour alone, aside from  earnings from albums, singles and other tours. Apart from the home In Oxfordshire where he died, Michael’s assets included the luxurious Victorian corner residence in South Kensington, London valued at $11 million as well as a Whale Beach house in Sydney, Australia valued at $6 million.

To begin with, George attended Kingsbury High School, and then Bushey Meads School when his parent moved north of London, and where while still a teenager, George formed the group named The Executive with his childhood friend Andrew Ridgeley. In 1981 they began a serious musical career, renaming their band to Wham! They realised that their music was popular and attractive, as the band soon became successful. Up to 1986, the band released four albums, but their best known track was the single “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!”, with “Last Christmas” released in 1984 also becoming one of the most popular festive songs. However, they decided to go their separate ways, and George Michael began a solo career; his net worth was already well established.

His debut solo album “Faith” (1987) achieved outstanding success, selling over 20 million copies and being inducted by Rolling Stone magazine into the list of top 500 albums of all time. Afterwards, his “Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1” (1990) album was known for songs featuring lyrical and dramatic direction and was very successful commercially, whereas the album title “Listen Without Prejudice” (Eng. Listen without a prior opinion) invited the audience to look at the creative work of George on the other, non-commercial side. “Vol. 1” gave birth to speculations that there would be a second part of the album, but “Vol. 2” was not released, if it ever existed. His net worth continued to grow.

In 1996, Michael released the album “Older” (1996) which caused a lengthy fight with the record label; according to Michael, the album was quite successful and widely advertised, but the label did not like the long time interval between the second and third albums. After a couple of years he released a double album, “Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael” (1998) and a year later the cover album “Songs From The Last Century” (1999) which added huge sums to the outright size of George Michael’s net worth. The next album again took a while to produce, as it was released only in 2004, named “Patience”. Commemorating the 25th anniversary of his musical career, George released a best album tracks “25” (2006) and after a long gap in touring, over the next few years went on a concert tours in the UK, around Europe and the US, as well as Australia, proving as popular as ever, and significantly contributing to his net worth.

George Michael continued touring over the next few years, which also promoted continued sales of his albums, variously estimated at over 100 million, and over the years he also accumulated seven number one hits in the UK, and eight on the US Billboard chart.

Finally, in the personal life of the singer, he openly admits to being gay. He was in relationship with the dress designer Anselmo Feleppa in the early ’90s, and who died of AIDS in 1993. Later, he was in relationship with the sportswear executive and former flight attendant Kenny Goss; latterly he claimed to be single, but was actually in a relationship with celebrity hairdresser Fadi Fawaz from 2011. However, George was often in the news because of several brushes with the law involving drug use, or what was described as ‘lewd behaviour’, as well as health problems apparently related to his sexuality. He suffered a bout of pneumonia in 2011 so severe that he almost died, and he underwent a tracheotomy the same year.

George was often involved in charity work, being part of Band Aid and the Live Aid concert in the mid-’80s, plus donating the proceeds of several song sales to various charities, including from “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” to Elton John’s Aids Foundation, in collaboration with the singer himself.

George Michael died on Christmas Day 2016 at his home in Goring, Oxfordshire, England.

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Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Quick Info

Full NameGeorge Michael
Net Worth$200 million
Date Of Birth25th June, 1963,
Died25th December 2016
Place Of BirthEast Finchley, London, England
Height1.83 m
EducationBushey Meads School
ParentsKyriacos Panayiotou, Lesley Angold Panayiotou, Careless Whisper, Faith, One More Try
SiblingsMelanie Panayiotou, Yioda Panayiotou, Careless Whisper, Faith, One More Try
AwardsGrammy Award for Album of the Year, MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Brit Award for British Male Solo Artist, Brit Award for MasterCard British Album of the Year, MTV Europe Music Award for Best Male, American Music Award for Favorite Soul/R&B Album, MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction…
Music GroupsWham!, Band Aid, Careless Whisper, Faith, One More Try
NominationsGrammy Award for Best Music Video, Brit Award for British Single, MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography, MTV Video Music Award for Best Electronic Video, MTV Video Music Award for Best Male Video, Juno Award for International Single of the Year, Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance…
MoviesLive in London, Wham: The Best of Wham, Queen: Bohemian Champions: Interviews

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Trademarks

  1. Powerful, smooth and soulful voice

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Quotes

  • [on regaining consciousness after his 2011 coma] I swear this is true. I came out of my coma talking in this West Country accent. There’s nothing wrong with a West Country accent, but it’s a bit weird when you’re from North London. My sisters, who were obviously so relieved that I’d actually woken up, were just laughing away at this stand-up comedy.
  • [on performing at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992] To sing with Queen was the most memorable moment of my career.
  • [on surviving severe pneumonia at Christmas 2011] Best Christmas I can remember, surrounded by the people I love. And knowing that Christmas could have been very different this year for everyone at that table. As it was we stuffed and laughed ourselves silly. I’m such a lucky man! I hope you all had a great one.
  • [on the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991] Freddie Mercury was a huge source of inspiration to me as a child. I religiously attended Queen’s concerts year after year. This is a sad day.
  • It is such an amazing feeling to watch the effect I have on my audience. There is no question that is the most valuable thing I can ever do in terms of contribution and it seems that God wanted me to and gave me the voice to do it and the stamina to do it.
  • I have a serious problem with the fact that every time I made a mistake and every time I let myself down that I was letting young gay kids down.
  • Loyalty can be different things to different sexualities.
  • As an artist I’m not interested in repeating former successes.
  • I do love Christmas. I always have loved it, ever since I was a child. When I was young both my parents used to work so hard and they always seemed quite stressed to me. But at Christmas everyone would calm down and be nice to each other for a few days, and that used to make me feel very safe. It’s Frank Sinatra who reminds me of Christmas. During the school holidays, when I was a kid, I used to work behind the bar of my dad’s restaurant in Edgware [North London], and he’d always play Sinatra records for the customers. So that association is very strong for me. Why doesn’t it snow at the right time anymore, like it did in the ’60s? If it could snow on Christmas Eve or something that would be perfect.
  • [on doing concerts] People run on and off the stage, but usually they’re removed before they get to me. It’s not really frightening. There’s always the possibility that someone’s going to take a potshot at you; you take that risk when you perform in front of thousands of people.
  • [on his time in prison in September/October 2010] Most of my days have been spent reading thousands of letters and postcards of incredible support from people around the world. I promise to repay their kindness with new music as soon as I possibly can.
  • I just hope that I’ll stay around musically for as long as I can. I’d love to think that I will still be satisfying myself and other people as a musician until the day I die.
  • There are very few things in my life that I can’t have if I want them. So when I see something that I think I can’t have, immediately I’m obsessed by it.
  • I’m basically a control freak. It’s not because I want to be. I’m not at all into the power play that’s involved in it. I’m a perfectionist.
  • I know I’m basically a good person whose two crimes appear to be that I’m gay and I’ve got a big mouth to go with it.
  • [on his arrest for lewd behavior] When someone is waving their genitalia at you, you don’t automatically assume that they’re an officer of the law.
  • Boy George is great company and a man I have always wanted to like. He acts in a homophobic way to other gay men by being such a bitch. It’s an aggression that he can’t get rid of.
  • [on Elton John’s concern for him] Elton lives on that. He will not be happy until I bang on his door in the middle of the night saying: ‘Please, please, help me, Elton. Take me to rehab.’ It’s not going to happen. Elton just needs to shut his mouth and get on with his own life. Look, if people choose to believe that I’m sitting here in my ivory tower, ‘Howard Hughes’ing myself with long fingernails and loads of drugs, then I can’t do anything about that, can I?
  • [on Tony Blair] His problem is, one, he’s not as smart as he thinks he is and, two, this man does not know when his ego is getting the better of him… A man who will not stare his ego down is every bit as dangerous as an altruist as he is a Hitler.
  • [on his August 2009 car crash] If that juggernaut had killed me, I think I’d be perfectly happy with the amount of quality music I have left in the world. My ego is sated.
  • Elton John said he thought I was miserable for some reason and I have been trying to prove that I’m not ever since. The subtext to it is always, ‘He was all right before he came out and now he lives this depraved gay life and is miserable and fat’ and from that point on I have suffered this kind of wishful thinking from the Press.
  • Women seem to ignore the fact that I’m gay. I think that women really get the feeling that I understand them. I grew up with two sisters, I went out with women when I was younger. I do understand them, unfortunately.
  • I think pop music should be about youth culture. It shouldn’t be an endurance test. If I can just live further from the spotlight I think that’ll be better for all really.
  • Running naked up and down Oxford Street singing I Am What I Am would have been a more dignified way to come out. (On his arrest for lewd conduct in 1998)
  • Gay relationships are a bit different. I’m sure we’ll be allowed to roam if we want to. But we love each other dearly. (On his long-term partner, Kenny Goss)
  • It is nice to know that the News of The World is still so concerned for my well being.
  • Parkinson (1971) is still the only interview on British TV that means anything. Perhaps that is because he appears to realize that his guest should always be the star of the show and… He paid for dinner!
  • In a strange way I’ve spent the last 15 to 20 years trying to derail my own career. But it never seems to suffer. I suffer like crazy. I’ve suffered bereavements and public humiliations, but my career always seems to right itself like a plastic duck in the bath. In some ways I resent that.
  • I have been doing this on and off since I was a teenager and never once seen violence. If I want to see violence or what I call shameful behaviour, the idea that women in clubs these days have to hold their hand over their drink for fear of being drugged … Please don’t tell me as a member of the straight community that I am taking risks. I know what I do and I am sorry, but we should not be taking questions like this, from straight women in particular … I do not deserve the criticism. What I don’t have respect for is some demand for answers from an openly gay man who is living his own life. I have not cheated or lied about my sex life to anybody in my life, in my entire life. I hate not to be able to rise above it, but there is only so much you can take. I’m suing the individual involved who I have never, ever seen, let alone wanted to have any kind of sexual encounter with, and I’m currently investigating suing the secondary sources of libel. I am taking legal action against the photographers because they’re harassing me and I should not have to worry about who’s watching me at 2:30 in the morning.
  • “The trajectory of my particular soap opera with the press launched from that statement Elton made about eighteen months ago when Elton hadn’t seen me for years. Elton said he thought I was really miserable for some reason. From that point on I’ve been trying to prove that I’m not. Unfortunately it made me incredibly vulnerable to the press.” (April 2006)
  • It was my own stupid fault. I was in possession of class C drugs which is an offence and I have no complaints about the police, who were professional throughout.
  • Even though it’s become a really cliched thing to see musicians working for charity, it’s still effective and it still has to be done.
  • I still believe that music is one of the greatest gifts that God gave to man.
  • I do think that Live Aid (1985) was a great thing, it focused people, I think it showed young kids the way in many respects and I think a lot of people are still inspired by what happened in the mid-Eighties.

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Important Facts

  • The singer’s music video “Freedom” (1989) featured supermodels Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Tatjana Patitz. Curiously, GM appeared nowhere in the video himself. Directed by David Fincher and photographed by Jeff Cronenweth.
  • Close friend of Shirlie Kemp. He introduced her to her future husband, Martin Kemp. She was one of his backup singers.
  • In September 2010, while serving a prison sentence for driving under the influence of drugs, George received a two-page handwritten letter from Sir Paul McCartney to lift his spirits. In the letter, McCartney said that he empathised with George as he himself had spent ten days in prison in Japan in 1980 after being caught with cannabis. He told George to keep his chin up and that he would see him when he is released. Apparently, George was delighted with the letter and read it over and over again.
  • Lives in London, Goring, United Kingdom and Dallas, Texas.
  • He wrote, produced and performed the classic song “Last Christmas” when he was just 21 years old. There have been over 395 cover versions of the song by different artists since it was released in 1984.
  • A fan of The Beatles, he performed with Paul McCartney at Live 8 (2005). He also bought John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z upright piano for £1.67m in the year 2000, then returned it to Liverpool’s Beatles Story museum.
  • Ranked #73 on VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists.
  • Friend of Geri Horner.
  • Sentenced to 100 hours community service for driving while unfit. The singer was arrested on 1 October 2006 after being found slumped at the wheel of his Mercedes in the early hours of the morning. He had an antidepressant in his system, as well as cannabis and 16 micrograms per millilitre of the illegal Class C drug GHB. (9 June 2007).
  • His partner Anselmo Feleppa, whom he met in 1991, died from an AIDS-related brain haemorrhage in 1993.
  • He was paid £1.7 million to perform for an hour at Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin’s New Year’s party on 31 December 2006.
  • His debut solo album “Faith” has sold more than 20 million copies since its release in 1987.
  • Announced his retirement in February 2004, but began a new European tour in September 2006, his first tour in fifteen years.
  • Winner of the 1997 Brit Award for British Male Solo Artist following the success of his multi-million selling album “Older”.
  • His album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1” won the 1991 Brit Award for British Album.
  • Winner of the British Phonographic Industry Award for British Male Solo Artist in 1988 following the success of his multi-million selling album “Faith”.
  • Winner (as part of Wham!) of the British Phonographic Industry Award for British Group in 1985.
  • He has an estimated fortune of £70 million.
  • In the Independent on Sunday 2006 Pink List – a list of the most influential gay men and women – he came no. 25, down from 22.
  • He has sold an estimated 80 million records worldwide, both as a solo performer and as one half of the duet Wham!, as of 2006.
  • Wrote many of his songs while working at a movie theater as a teenager.
  • His 1990 solo hit “Freedom 90” from the CD “Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1” was so titled to avoid confusion with his previous Wham! hit “Freedom”.
  • Was backing vocals on Andrew Ridgeley’s album “Son Of Albert” on tracks “Red Dress” & “Shake”. These were the only 2 songs to do well on the charts.
  • He and Andrew Ridgeley wrote “Careless Whisper” on the back of a bus during their school days.
  • Is of Greek-Cypriot heritage from his father, Kyriacos Panayiotou, a restaurant owner, who emigrated to the U.K. from Cyprus, in the 1950s. His mother, Lesley Angold (Harrison), was of English background.
  • He wrote his smash hit single “Careless Whisper” when he was just 17, on a Thursday afternoon in Bushey. He waited until he was 21 before he released it as his first solo single. The song reached number one in more than 25 countries and sold in excess of 6 million copies.
  • Played a benefit for striking British miners. [September 1984]
  • His last performance with Wham! was at Wembley Stadium in June 1986.
  • His controversial single “Shoot the Dog” (released 2002) had a video that ridiculed Tony Blair, Cherie Blair and George W. Bush.
  • He has contributed two songs to the “Warchild Hope” album (released 21 April 2003); one is a cover of Don McLean’s “The Grave” and the other is his own classic “Faith” (a duet with Ms Dynamite).
  • He was a big fan of This Morning (1988) and, on the final episode of the series, he phoned the presenters, Richard and Judy, to thank them live on air and to wish them the best.
  • He sang on the no. 1 and no. 2 Christmas singles of 1984, Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” and Wham!’s “Last Christmas”.
  • His song with Wham!, “Last Christmas”, is the best selling British hit never to get to number one, reaching the no. 2 position in December 1984, being re-issued and reaching the no. 6 position the next December and being re-issued again and reaching the no. 45 position in December 1986. It spent a total of 24 weeks on the British chart.
  • The first three singles of George Michael’s solo career all went to the no. 1 position on the UK chart: “Careless Whisper” (1984), “A Different Corner” (1986) and “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” (1987). The latter was a duet with Aretha Franklin.
  • Collaborated with Queen and Lisa Stansfield on the British chart-topping “Five Live” (EP) of 1993.
  • His song “Father Figure” was sampled for PM Dawn’s hit “Looking Through Patient Eyes”.
  • Has sung duets with Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Rory Bourke, Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston.
  • He enjoyed four British number one singles with Wham: “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” (1984), “Freedom” (1984), “I’m Your Man” (1985) and “The Edge of Heaven” (1986).
  • Was arrested in early 1998 at a public restroom in Beverly Hills for commiting a lewd act in front of an undercover police officer. He has since made a music video mocking the whole incident. The arresting police officer has since filed a civil suit againt George for defamation of character. It was dismissed.

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Filmography

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Extra2016TV SeriesHimselfArchive Footage
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80s2005TV Series documentaryHimselfArchive Footage
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Queen’s Greatest Flix III1999VideoHimselfArchive Footage
The Queen Phenomenon1995TV Movie documentaryHimselfArchive Footage
Memories of 1970-19911991TV Series documentaryHimselfArchive Footage

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou Awards

1988Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Original SongBeverly Hills Cop II (1987)Won
1988Razzie AwardRazzie AwardsWorst Original SongBeverly Hills Cop II (1987)Nominated